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Vision Statement:

Passion. The founders dream is to help others achieve their own personal vision for and vision of the American dream.

He wants to help others become financially independent and truly free. 

Daniel chose to dedicate a few brief but very difficult years in the beginning of his professional journey to developing a business and a system that could allow him to work from home, earn a comfortable living, however basic or extravagant, and all in order to be with his family as much as possible.

There are 24 hours in a day. If we are lucky, we might sleep 8 hours of the 24. If we are lucky, we might work only 8 hours per day in support of the financial needs of ourselves and our families.

Then we have errands, chores, other obligations, and commitments. Say we’re lucky and only spend 4 hours per day on all those tasks and obligations.

Even if that number were zero hours, we still typically spend over half of our waking hours working someone else’s schedule, doing someone else’s agenda, for inadequate pay and little to no benefits

If we’re lucky, we have two to three hours per day to spend with those we love and work so hard to support.

That is garbage!

We endeavor to help others do two things: 1) make a living doing their passion and 2) have as much time with their family as they want.

This life is to learn, to love god, and to help others do the same.

We can help you do that!

Let’s go on an adventure. Please take a moment to get to know us by browsing our website. See what we offer and explore some of the ways in which we can help you reach your goals. 

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“The American Dream”

by Daniel Wayne Osborne

(President | Web Tools Advanced Corporation)

                The entire concept of the American Dream with business success is in summary simply coming up with an idea that either solves a problem or enhances quality of life in some way by: saving time, accomplishing the same task as another product or service in a better way or otherwise more effectively, creating convenience, or providing a new product or service to an industry or creating a new industry all together.

                So, what’s the secret?

                Take the idea and act as the switchboard and the liaison between the resources required to bring it to life. It’s all as simple as making some phone calls, connecting professionals in the given industry to others through yourself.

                Be the switchboard.

                If you’re the medium though which all the components of your dream-concept connect in order to produce your product or to provide your service, then you control the game…..read the whole article here.


                We build you a website. We brainstorm with you. We consult with you. We help you make your business a legitimate and legal registered, licensed, and listed business. We create a Google business listing. We optimize your digital footprint. We guide you every step of the way that you are willing to take with us and we ask very little in return.

                Your success IS our success, and your success is our passion. Your success is our American Dream.

Read the whole article.