Direct mail marketing is a proven method of generating brand awareness, local market brand recognition, customer loyalty, substantial increase in sales (especially when done consistently), and overall more “bang-or-your-buck” than virtually any other type of advertising, second only to a dedicated and custom web presence with by way of a heavily and consistently marketed custom website.

When the potential customer receives the mailer, they notice first the high quality, weight, thickness, and brightness of the print marketing that has been hand-delivered. The product is not something to just be thrown away as “junk-mail” because it is not junk mail. The collective value in savings on a piece like this varies greatly, but has been calculated in historical campaigns to be in the range of many thousands of dollars. These pieces are presumed to generally be placed in the home and offices in highly visible areas like on the fridge or coffee table, bulletin board or break room.

Two Mass Direct Mail Marketing Platforms:

PRICE Per Campaign [8½ X 11 Three-Column/Side]
$525 per business card sized ad (12 available);
$1000 Double-sized (2 available), and
$1700 Full ⅓ Column (1 available).

We have two avenues of approach to select from for this opportunity. The first package is similar to the one described below in a sample of our initial interest and introduction letter. We set an approximate date for distribution in your area and give you space on each of the 20,000 pieces distributed for each campaign run that we launch for a most reasonable cost (from $525). Filling the rest of the available advertising spots can take on average 3-4 weeks to fill from the time of your interest.

So, if you want to get on a marketing campaign professionally managed by Web Tools Advanced Corporation but do not want to pay the $10,000 cost of material, content design / collection, print, and distribution…you can reserve your spot and initiate a campaign program with our agency for your region by simply contacting us from our Contact page and indicating your interest.

We offer this package for a very modest cost: from $525 per ad space.

The second option for this opportunity is a dedicated, exclusive, custom, and individualized direct mail marketing campaign that your business can select that provides the same distribution parameters as above but with both sides dedicated only to you and your company including the entire ad space.

We often recommend cost sharing with a partner company / co-advertiser in order to distribute the cost for the campaign between your firm and that of one other for the opposite side of each if the 20,000 pieces hand delivered to each business and residence in a given zip code.

The cost of this campaign varies from $8,750 – $10,000 depending on the specific final amount of pieces printed and delivered and us based on the population and spread of the area / zip code that you are targeting. Contact us now for a custom quote to have your ad campaign customized and exclusively distributed.

This direct mail marketing campaign uses a tangible 8½ X 11, one hundred pound (100#) high-gloss, full-color, double-sided, thick and heavy card stock.

$10,000 value starting at only $525 per ad space