Happy Father’s Day guys! The following is a message I sent to my Dad. It could seriously make a difference in your quality of life, leading you to financial Independence, and increasing your disposable income so that you can spend more time with your family, do more activities that you enjoy, and have the safety net that gives you the peace of mind of knowing that no matter what, you are going to be okay.

My name is Daniel Osborne. I’m the President of Web Tools Advanced Corporation and I want the opportunity to show you what this agency can do for you and yours. One platform that we appreciate and work with, in addition to GoDaddy and WordPress for website development, is Etsy.

This is the website I was talking about where everything on it is handmade and you guys would make a substantial amount of money selling your items as well as offering the option to have custom pieces made. This costs you nothing but a small percentage of your sales. I’m more than happy to help with this project and get you all started.

Once you have established yourselves on that platform, we can start talking about building you a dedicated e-commerce website and start building your brand and your customer base. This is truly something that may revolutionize your quality of life and I desperately want to be a part of that.

It is my sincere prayer that God continually and abundantly bless you even beyond what you already deserve.

Most sincerely and respectfully,

Daniel Wayne Osborne
(605) 430-2439
PO BOX 2991