The following is a message similar to one that we will send you (or have already sent you) if you are officailly offered a postion with Web Tools Advanced Corporation (WTA Corp.). Below you will find the general instructions for the steps and phases required in order for you to become a student/intern and subcontracted staff member working with the Corporation. If you would like to work with us, please fill out the form on the contact page.

Dear Applicant,

Below, your professional development begins.

Please don’t feel intimidated. There are only a few more steps to follow. 

Please note that you have several steps to complete in order to begin working. Read this email in it’s entirety and make sure you understand it thoroughly. Both call AND email if you have questions or concerns.

You will follow a few simple steps to establish yourself and the business entity of yours that we are hiring/contracting with you as a subcontractor. You are offered the position as a subcontractor. This means that you are not a traditional W-2 employee at this time. You are responsible for your own taxes at the end of the year, so we also recommend that you set aside at least 10% of the income you make from the funds you generate working with us at Web Tools Advanced Corporation, so that you can afford paying any applicable taxes at the appropriate time. We can assist with this if you require more information.

1.) You must establish yourself as a business entity in order for us to hire you and contract you as a subcontractor. See below. You may be assigned to a manager to oversee and assist in this. 

2.) If you haven’t already done so, for our records and yours, please send a copy of your resume, government issued ID, and business license/documents (sales license, any articles or documents filed with, for example, Secretary of State, Department of Revenue, and Department of Labor or equivalent in your area) to in one single individual email.

3.) Then, for processing, please visit: to pay the $55 background check fee which supports the pre-hiring processing system. Read the description on the homepage, please. If you have financial difficulty or concerns regarding this step, do not hesitate to contact us for further explanation and assistance. You may request a formal fee waiver by emailing a request letter in response to this message. Your onboarding may be delayed if you require a waiver. Please be advised but also know that you are still with us and will still be moving forward if this is your current economic situation.

$55 fee is to cover the cost of your initial preemployment background check and the staffing costs in processing your application. The ongoing subscription fee is only $20 and is for two purposes, beginning 30 days after you start working and it shows your dedication to the Company and provides an incentive to make sure that work is completed as instructed based simply because your are literally invested, but more importantly this fee covers the cost of the establishing of your business, licensing, and development over time. This means is that as you are hired you will begin work within 30 days and you will be hired as a business owner, a subcontracted employee working for the corporation. 

4.) In the meantime, work on building a basic sample website for your business that you, with our guidance if you need it, are going to be developing and hiring so you can start as a subcontractor. Choose a business name, this could be for example. You can make this company be serving or providing generally anything that you want. We recommend you choose something that you are passionate about because ultimately, that is the goal we’re going to be moving towards. We know that sounds a little strange but this is going to be an incredible journey for you. For all intensive purposes you are creating a consulting company in which your services as an independent sales agent and web developer whose skills, although could be applied without the resources of Web Tools Advanced Corporation (WTA Corp.), serve to benefit us and that through the labor that you provide based on the skills you have now and the skills we help you develop professionally throughout this process. 

In order to build your website you are going to use one of two different softwares in the decision of which is up to you. We recommend that you build simple two page website on using the website-builder that includes your homepage and contact us page. This website is free to start with with the purchase of a domain name. 

If you however, are more advanced and experienced in your web development abilities, we highly recommend following the link below, watching the video, and performing the tasks you see in the video customizing them to your own business type and personality, so to speak. We recommend this option because you will be using this software more than the other, and you were only going to be paying $1 per month and have a free domain name as well:

We again recommend that you simply use your “first and last

Choose one of the website development softwares listed above. We prefer to have most new people start on GoDaddy and then WordPress afterwards. Simply put together a few pages that are offering information about what you care about, what makes you you… That’s your ‘about us/me,’ page. The company is a consulting firm. Then add a contact us page. And lastly an experience and expertise page that outlines your resume and credentials that are related to this field. Just be honest and as detailed or vague as you want. … Then we’ll start registering your company with the government and IRS etc etc

We would suggest using “yourname”.com and indicate that you are an Independent Sales Agent & Web Developer for Web Tools Advanced Corporation, which city and state you operate out of, your degrees, and include your contact page, please also include the contact information for Web Tools Advanced Corporate Office: 

HQ: C/O Daniel W. Osborne

Web Tools Advanced Corporation | Est. 2010


Hulett, WY 82720 USA


1+(605) 430-2439 offers a free month subscription to the website software with the purchase of any domain name. You don’t have to get all of this done overnight but if you could publish/launch your basic website within the week, that would be pretty awesome. By then you will have explored the software and you’ll be trained to start, and don’t worry, your manager will be available and will be with you every step of the way. You’re going to be a “Rockstar!”

5.) Now you are ready to register your business with the Government. Navigate to your local State’s department of Revenue website (for South Dakota residents, click here) and register your business name in order to obtain a sales tax license. Call them to make sure that the web development and digital marketing campaign management and consulting industry is exempt in your state. Generally speaking since we are providing a digital product that is not tangible materially-speaking, we generally do not have to collect and pay out sales tax.

6.) Navigate to the website or click here. Search the term “EIN,” this is employer identification number. Scroll to the middle of the page and select “apply now.” Simply follow the on-screen prompts and register your business with the IRS in order to obtain an official Employer Identification Number. Like before, this only takes a few moments. We recommend establishing your business as an LLC but you can use the sole proprietorship option if you like. Please note that an LLC limits the liability of the responsible party and the sole proprietorship does not separate you as a legal entity a part from your business, that being the entity that we hire officially, which makes you a subcontracted employee and as such you will need to provide your own unemployment insurance, general liability insurance, and workers compensation insurance if you so choose an elect to have those coverages. To date and to the best of our knowledge there is not ever been a single claim necessary to have been filed. This decision is entirely up to you as a business owner. 

7.) This is the final step… Having accomplished all steps above we just want to take a moment to congratulate you. No further action is necessary apart from contacting your main point of contact who will assign your manager.

Congratulations! If/when you have completed all steps above (required) you are now a business owner and you are on your way to becoming financially independent. 

Your Pay is based on commission in part. You make 10 phone calls in the morning or beginning of your shift each day. That’s 50 calls per week and this takes about an hour each day. All you’re doing is informing the client of what we are offering and establishing an appointment for your manager to follow up with that client. Set appointments for your sales closing manager from between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Just for making the phone who’s referral you pass to your manager and when that sale closes and is finalized, usually that same day, you earn $100 and you will receive that $100 immediately after the sale is closed. At this stage you do not need to close the sale yourself. Manager takes care of that, forwards back to you the details of the project you will be developing and as you develop the project you are paid an additional $350 to $1,000 minimum depending on the size and scope of the project that your manager closes based on the phone call you have made. You can comfortably anticipate earning between $500 and $1,000 per week and building 3 to 4 websites per month based on your success as a sales agent and your sense of urgency in your work ethic building, developing, and ultimately publishing the websites you sell during your first few moments of each shift. If you like, you have the option of not making any more sales calls once you have made your first sale for the month until after you have completed the web development project for that sale. How you balance this work is generally going to be up to you but we may provide guidance.

Please do take your time. We want this to be a comfortable transition for you. There will be a learning curve but I believe that with your education and the fact that you’re an academic and an entrepreneur, you’re going to be just fine. Your manager’s most available time is from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We figured the first couple of weeks are going to be a little bit slow-going for you and it will require some adjustments here and there. We also totally understand that faith, family, security, and health, come first

It is the President & Founder’s most earnest and sincere prayer, as is ours as a corporation and a team, that God richly and continually bless you abundantly beyond what you already deserve.

Most sincerely and respectfully,

Daniel Wayne Osborne – President

Web Tools Advanced Corporation

Once again congratulations! And welcome to the Team — to the family. Keep in mind that you are on track for incredible advancement opportunities, fringe benefits, bonuses and profit sharing. If you like, and if you request it, you have the option of obtaining a new mobile phone with unlimited data, call, and text to our partnership with T-Mobile. If it’s interest you simply reply to the email, in writing, of your request. Not yet one of us? Apply Now!