Web Tools | Getting Started

Read carefully and ask questions if you do not absolutely and completely understand each step. Your training supervisor will be pleased to assist you in any way that they can, provided you request assistance to inform us of your needs.

An FCRA-Compliant background check will be required. You may secure this requirement on your own and submit the report or you can elect to pay the $55 fee and we’ll process this for you. Staff & Partners are required to pass a drug-screening test as well. Submit the report using the contact form.

Get your mobile device(s) ready for doing business and performing both the essential and advanced duties of your partnership and/position with Web Tools Advanced Corporation. Welcome to the Team!

START HERE …You will need to follow the links below and download each software that we use. You will need:

Office365 – Mobile Word Processor & Document Editor – primarily for filling out your application and NDA required documents. See menu for NDA page. Download NDA file and fill out, sign using Office365 or equivalent, save, upload file using the form, send it also by email as a backup and save a copy for your records. Also you must return a completed generic job application that will serve as a pre-qualification to working with Web Tools Advanced Corporation.

[(required) – Please submit this form along with the NDA (below) and your professional and tailored resumé using the NDA page uploader] See Menu.

NON-DISCLOSURE & NO-COMPETE AGREEMENT (required) – If not done already, please follow the steps in the previous instructions above. We cannot work with you if you do not complete this step

AnyDesk – Mobile: Screen Sharing/Remote Access for Tech Support

Internal Revenue Service – Federal EIN | Your Official Business Registration Portal for obtaining an EIN (Employer Identification Number)

Department of Revenue – South Dakota | Official Business Licensing (you may need to lookup you own State’s Department of Revenue registration website if you operate or plan to operate from or in a state other than South Dakota (Register by phone: +1 800-829-9188)

GoDaddy Managed WordPress – Discount/Promo may apply: for creating your personal/business website which will help train you in the software and you ready to begin intermediate and advanced training, plus get you professionally established as a business and business owner, with a web presence and a professional business website that you build yourself. NOTICE: You may alternatively use the GoDaddy Website builder directly from the GoDaddy account you’ll creat while registering for the managed WordPress product from this link. You will be required to learn the GoDaddy Website Builder software, as soon as possible, as well.

GoDaddy Website Builder + Marketing – A more expensive, easier to learn and easier to use software that we recommend you experiment with by building a simple resumé/portfolio website to compliment the one you make from using the link above. You will be required to learn this software eventually, so we recommend learning it now. This will train you on the software and help prepare you for your duties.

…… Congratulations! Final Step…

CONTACT US to let your assigned manager, mentor, or supervisor know that your ready for instruction.