Wish Warehouse & Store

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Investing and Employment Opportunities Available: Inquire Here

“Hey y’all: NEW GROUP (Beta) | Become a part of the new Rapid City, SD Wish Flagship Warehouse and Retail Outlet coming to Rapid City in the coming months. It’s all in the works and requires your support. Please shared this post, post it in your news feed, and publish it in your Story.
The concept is simple for the Facebook Market Group1) Order something from Wish2) Patiently wait after paying shipping3) Relist your item giving it a new price:Original cost (130%) plus shipping (150%)[recommended]4) Communicate with buyer to pay for & pick up the item right here in Rapid City, SD in a well-lit, public venue, with security cameras

Recommended Formula for Pricing: (OP= original price; SC=Shipping)

(OP x 1.30) + (SC x 1.5) = Price: New Convenience/Same-Day Pick Up
The break down:30% markup on original price50% markup on shipping
When the warehouse and the retail store get here (message for partnership and employment opportunities), the cost on items will generally be the original cost of the item is half the original individual shipping cost. This covers convenience and same-day pick-up while both expediting the acquisition of the item(s) and halving the would-be shipping cost. So, you as the customer on pay a markup of half the would-be shipping cost (for convenience) over the cost of the item itself and don’t even have to wait for the item to arrive because it’s already here!”