™ is a super simple concept for an organization that helps fund other non-profits. The primary service is the sale of credit card-like thick plastic business card style cards that a good Samaritan will purchase in packs of 10 or more at $1.00 ea. When, for example, John/Jane Smith is driving down the road and finds a vehicle parked with the hazard lights on, pulls over to help, finds the person ill-equiped to change a flat tire, fixes the tire or any other similar circumstance….hands them a card from™ after having been asked “How can I repay you?” The card has instructions to go to the website and make a donation of any amount. We then, as an organization, with Christian-based motivation of proper stewardship of those funds, distributes the funds to other qualified and authentic non-profits that we believe in and will help support…such as the Porcupine Clinic, other reservations, St. Jude’s, Big Brothers Big Sisters…etc., etc… We’re looking for supporters and volunteer staff to dedicate a couple hours per month (or more) to help fundraise and the administration of the organization as we get off the ground. GoFundMe experts, etc.

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