™ is a super simple concept for an organization that helps fund our “pay it forward” mission and other non-profit type organizations of a Christian focus, perspective, and of a Christian mission. The primary service is the sale of credit card-like metal, thick plastic, or typical business card style cards that a good samaritan will purchase in packs of 10 or more at various prices points to cover costs and to help fund the effort.

When John/Jane Smith is driving down the road and finds a vehicle parked with the hazard lights on, pulls over to help, finds the person ill-equiped to change a flat tire, fixes the tire or any other similar circumstance….hands them a card from™ after having been asked “How can I repay you?”

The card has instructions to go to the website and make a donation of any amount. We then, as an organization, with proper stewardship of those funds, distributes the funds to other qualified and authentic non-profits that we believe in and will help support.

Please Donate Today!

May God bless you continually and abundantly beyond what you already deserve. May He bring restoration and redemption into your life d may you thoroughly enjoy the rest of this day and this week. Amen.


We’re looking for supporters and volunteer staff to dedicate a couple hours per month (or more) to help fundraise and the administration of the organization as we get off the ground. GoFundMe experts, etc.

Forward comments or partnering & support inquiries to -or- contact us


I’d like y’all to take a moment to read the article regarding the primary nonprofit we’re starting to develop, tell us your thoughts and suggestions for moving forward and to help us design a logo that incorporates the symbolism of the Christian faith from a non-denominational and universal perspective from, again, the Christian perspective.

We are trying to evangelize and glorify God by giving Him all of the credit for the good He does through us when surrender to His purpose for our lives given that He is the source of absolutely all good that exists in any form.

We also want to affirm the Christians that already believe by empowering them and encouraging them that they are, in fact and without a doubt, generally on the right life path on the Road of Happy Destiny by continuing to do the next right thing and help us to circulate the cards we will be promoting.

The cards are to have three functions:

1)Affirm and empower those that are already Christians

2) Reach and Evangelize to those who have received our help and God’s help through regular people lending a hand and by informing the recipients of these various good deeds, that  they have been helped literally by the actual true Jesus Christ living within the bodies of these Christians and good Samaritans who hand them the card after helping solve or resolve a need or problem of theirs.

3) Generate properly allocated revenue and wide spread awareness of this new pay-it-forward program in circulating these cards as closely to the magnitude and frequency of actual US coin currency while offering the sales of the cards to good Samaritans while also providing a donation portal that promises our commitment to proper stewardship in the expansion and scale of this global enterprise.

4) Include 3-4 simple steps indicating

1) where to go online to pay-it-forward and to honor both God and His Servant

2) An invitation to accept Christ as their Saviour and/or to learn more

3) Where to get more of these cards for their own ministry of doing good deeds and being of service

4) where to learn more about our mission and which organizations we currently help to support

Please send a few ideas for logos and card layout as well as information regarding pricing and shipping.
We’d like very much to be able to purchase these cards one order at a time for our patrons and supporters in packs of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1000

Our research and prayerful response from Higher is to sell packs of 10 rose gold or gold metal cards similar to the samples provided for $20 and shipped for $5– in essence we are trying for 10 cards delivered for a total of $25 of which the revenue generated is $10 for manufacturing, $10 to us for allocation and operating expenditures, and roughly $5 for shipping…

Most Sincerely & Respectfully,
Daniel Osborne – President